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CE Certificated Blood Collecting Tube Customized Size And Logo

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CIPING
Certification: CE,ISO13485
Model Number: CP-FE
Minimum Order Quantity: 10000pcs
Price: usd0.25-0.45pcs
Packaging Details: 100pcs/rack,1800pcs/ctn or 100pcs/rack,1200pcs/ctn
Delivery Time: 10-15days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
Supply Ability: 1200000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Material: Pp/pet/glass Color: White, Blue , Grey, Green,white, Red
Size: 13X75,13X100,16X100
High Light:

blood collection vials


blood sample tube

Disposable Medical Blood Collection Tube With Ce Blood Collection Tubes Price Low

RED SKULL The common serum tube red skull, blood collection does not contain additives, for routine serum biochemical, blood bank and serological test.
ORANGE RED SKULL Fast serum tube orange red skull, blood in the coagulant, accelerate the coagulation process. Rapid serum tube can make the collection of blood coagulation in 5 minutes, apply to the emergency department of serum series of tests.
YELLOW SKULL The separation gel tube golden skull inert, blood adding inert separation gel and coagulant. Samples were centrifuged and the inert separation gel to liquid component of blood (serum or plasma) and solid components (red cells, white blood cell, platelet, fibrinogen, etc.) completely separate and complete accumulation in the center of the tube and form a barrier, the specimens were within 48 hours remained stable. The coagulant can activate the coagulation mechanism and accelerate the coagulation process, which is suitable for the emergency serum biochemical test.
GREEN SKULL Heparin tube green skull, blood added with heparin. The effect of heparin with antithrombin directly, can prolong the clotting time of specimens. Suitable for red cell osmotic fragility test, blood gas analysis, hematocrit test, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and sagacity and biochemical determination, not suitable for blood coagulation test. Excess of heparin can cause aggregation of white blood cells, which can not be used for white blood cell count. Because it can make the blood film stained with light blue background, it is not suitable for the classification of white blood cells.
LIGHT GREEN SKULL The plasma separation tube light green skull, the inert separation tube with heparin lithium anticoagulant, reach the purpose of rapid separation of plasma, is the best choice for the detection of electrolyte and can also be used for conventional plasma biochemical determinations and ICU emergency plasma biochemical detection. Plasma samples can be directly on the machine and in the frozen state to maintain stable for 48 hours.
PURPLE SKULL 6. EDTA tube purple skull, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA, molecular weight of 292) and its salts is a polyamino carboxylic acid can effectively blood specimens of chelating calcium ions, chelating calcium or calcium reaction sites to remove the block and the termination of the endogenous or exogenous coagulation process, thus preventing blood coagulation of blood specimen. Apply to blood testing, does not apply to blood clotting test and platelet function tests, nor does it apply to calcium ion, potassium ion, sodium ion, iron ion, alkaline phosphatase, determination of creatine kinase and leucine amino peptidase, suitable for PCR test.
LIGHT BLUE SKULL sodium citrate coagulation test tube Blue Skull, sodium citrate and calcium mainly through blood and anticoagulant effect. Applicable to the coagulation experiment, the country is faced to order the laboratory standardization committee (National Committee for clinical laboratory standards, NCCLS recommended anticoagulant concentration is 3.2% and 3.8% (quite 0.109mol/L 0.129mol/L), anticoagulants and blood ratio is 1:9.
BLACK SKULL Citric acid sodium sedimentation test tube black bonnet, sedimentation test requirements of sodium citrate concentration is 3.2% (in 0.109mol/L) anticoagulant and blood ratio is 1:4.
GREY SKULL Oxalic acid potassium / sodium fluoride grey bonnet. Sodium fluoride is a weak effect of anticoagulants, often with potassium oxalate or B sodium iodate with use, the proportion of sodium fluoride, potassium oxalate 3 copies. 4 mg of the mixture can make 1 ml blood in 23 days not solidification and inhibit the decomposition of sugar, it is determination of blood glucose estimation good preservation agent and cannot be used for Urease method determination of urea, also do not have method was applied to the determination of alkaline phosphatase and amylase, recommended for the detection of blood glucose.



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